Librarian of the Year

Purpose of the Award

To honor an individual who has contributed significantly to enriching library services to youth (children and/or teens) in New Hampshire.

Examples of Significant Contributions:

  • Overcoming limitation of resources to develop outstanding library service for youth in the community.
  • Providing service to a previously unserved or underserved youth population through outreach, creative programming, technology use, or collection development.
  • Serving beyond one’s own institution and helping other libraries enrich their services to children and/or teens.
  • Promoting youth services through exemplary performance and recognition by the public served.

Criteria for the Recipient

All nominees for the CHILIS Librarian of the Year Award must:

  • Be currently employed in NH as either a librarian or a library support staff member
  • Be a current CHILIS member
  • NOT be a current CHILIS Board member
  • NOT be a past recipeint of the award

Other Award Information

Only one CHILIS Librarian of the Year Award will be given each year.  If nominees fail to meet the award criteria, then no award will be presented for that year.

The CHILIS Board will review the nominations and select an award winner prior to the CHILIS Spring Conference, where the award winner will be announced.  The CHILIS Librarian of the Year will receive one year’s free NHLA/CHILIS membership.  In addition, the name of the CHILIS Librarian of the Year will be engraved on a plaque, which will be housed in the library of the current CHILIS Librarian of the Year.

Nomination Procedure

Please complete the nomination form and send one copy, postmarked no later than January 28th, to the following address:

Ann Hoey
NH State Library
20 Park Street
Concord, NH 03301