Great Stone Face Book Award : Information for Librarians & Teachers

This information is intended to answer some of the questions that have been asked by public/school librarians and teachers.

  1. You do not have to purchase all 25 titles.  Purchase what you can afford or what you want in your library.  Check with your local public library, which may have titles that you do not have, and encourage your students to visit their public library.
  2. Children should read the titles that are appropriate for their grade level or reading level.
  3. The GSF titles have recommended Lexile and grade levels.  Since children read at varying levels, purchase titles that you feel the children can and will read.
  4. Create an eye-catching display in your library and promote the contest throughout the school year.  Put up a GSF poster near the GSF books display along with the GSF bookmarks.
  5. Have a special “Voting Day” at your school or public library during National Library Week in April.
  6. Have a “Battle of the Books” contest (by grade level) at your school.  The grade that has the most students reading a GSF title wins the contest.
  7. Chart the number of students who have read a GSF book and display it in your library or the classroom.  When students see what other students are reading, it may encourage them to read another book on the list.
  8. Encourage teachers to read a book in the classroom.
  9. Use the GSF titles as part of your school’s summer reading list.  Work with your public library to incorporate books for summer reading.
  10. Label your GSF books using the rubber stamp that is available for purchase.  It will make it easier for children to spot GSF books on the shelves for each of the award years.
  11. For public librarians:  Contact your school librarians and encourage them to participate.  Let them know which titles you have available for check out at your library.  Arrange to visit the schools and do some booktalks.
  12. For school librarians and teachers:  Booktalk the titles to the students.  A booktalk will entice children to read the book.
  13. All GSF voting forms, ballots, bookmarks, book talks, rubber stamp ordering and other information can be found on the CHILIS website.
  14. Try not to make reading the GSF books an assignment.  The object is to promote recreational reading.

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