CHILIS On-the-Move Book Club Kits

kids on the move

CHILIS On-the-Move Book Club Kits are sets of multiple copies of children’s books that can be used for book discussion programs in New Hampshire public libraries. Libraries around the state host these kits, which can be borrowed by other libraries through interlibrary loan. These kits have a minimum of 10 copies of a title.

Libraries with at least ten (10) or more multiple copies of a children’s book title can add these copies as a “kit” to NHU-PAC by completing the survey form below. Libraries wishing to borrow kits can do a keyword search in NHU-PAC for “CHILIS On-the-Move” or they can click on the CHILIS On-the-Move links below for the complete list.

You can see the titles already in NHU-PAC at CHILIS On-the-Move.

The title list link is also included on the Librarians Tools/ Readers Resource tab of NHU-PAC.

If you wish to add a kit to the CHILIS On-the-Move Book Club, please complete this survey.