Summer Reading Evaluations

Now that summer reading programs are winding down, please remember to complete the Summer Reading Evaluation Form.  We are collecting data on program enrollment, books/time read, etc. so that we can report this information to grant funders, CSLP and federal agencies.

Submit your evaluation form online after your program is completed and before September 30, 2013.

Thank you!  And enjoy the rest of the summer.

3 Responses to “Summer Reading Evaluations”

  1. Steffaney Smith says:

    Filled out the summer evaluation form. Will Nancy acknowledge receipt? I don’t want to get dunned for not turning one in! I also wish I would have thought to copy it somehow before I hit the submit button, as I have no record of what I said!

    • Gail Zachariah says:

      Hi Steffaney,
      I’ll bring this up tomorrow at the CHILIS Board Meeting. I bet we can fix the survey up to give an automatic reply.

    • Nancy Lang says:

      Hi Steffaney,

      I only posted the link, but at today’s board meeting we did talk about several issues with the form. We are all new to this online format, and will try to add a confirmation page and a reminder to print it out before submitting… or maybe the confirmation page will be a printable copy. It may not get done for this year, but we will certainly be sure something is there for next year.

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