CHILIS Librarian of the Year 2011

Congratulations to Gail Zachariah from Keene Public Library, recipient of the 2011 CHILIS Librarian of the Year award.  Gail was selected by the CHILIS board after considering many worthy nominees, and the award was presented at the spring conference in March.

Her colleagues wrote:

“Gail is at the heart of the library.  We are so proud of her.  She has served on the Newbery committee and other ALA committees.  Although hampered by ubiquitous budget constraints, Gail refuses to take no for an answer.  She overcomes obstacles whether this means finding volunteers to supplement staff hours or money to launch projects—she always achieves her goal.  She works tirelessly fueled only by her ever present cup of coffee.  She is deeply, deeply committed to the idea of intellectual freedom and especially committed to the youth of our community.  She is their advocate and support.  She is intuitive to their needs and concerns, she knows hundreds of our teens and children intimately and they are moved by her compassion and care for them.”

Gail Zachariah - Librarian of the Year

Congratulations, Gail!

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